Chinese Folk Arts - Culture China Series (Ebook)

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Author: Jin Zhilin;
Language: English
Format: 1 book
Page: 139
Publication Date: 01/2008
ISBN: 9787508506111
The creators of Chinese folk art come from the working class masses of China's rural areas. They are mostly female laborers. A communal art, folk art would engender all of Chinese literature and all later art. Its presence is evident in everyday food, clothing, shelter and transportation; in traditional festivals, ceremonies and rituals, and in beliefs and taboos. As a living example of cultural heritage, it shows the continuity of Chinese culture from primitive society to present, a culture that bears distinct national and geographical characteristics.
Table of Contents
Introduction: China's Cultural Herifage and Folk Arts
Six Characteristics of Chinese Folk Arts
The Core of Chinese Folk Arts
Social Contexf of Folk Arts
The Art World Created by Chinese Folk Arts
Creators Of Chinese Folk Arts
Illustrations of Various Chinese Folk Art Works
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Chinese Folk Arts - Culture China Series (Ebook)