Chinese Red: Chinese Folk Opera

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Author: Zhang Guangqi;
Language: Chinese, English
Page: 136
Publication Date: 05/2013
ISBN: 9787546135908
Publisher: Huangshan Publishing House
Series: Chinese Red
Chinese folk opera is one of the three drama forms that have the longest history in the world. It still frequents the theater, delivering the unique and charming characters of the Chinese culture to the rest of the world. Chinese folk opera is a form of musical theater that features in an integrative way the four skills of singing, dialogue, acting and martial arts. Meantime, it makes use of several forms of art like literature, music, painting, dancing, handicraft, martial arts and acrobatics. This book is intended to be an introduction to ist history and performance tradition. In particular, several branches are elaborated on for the readers to have a vivid and special appreciation of the art of Chinese folk opera.
Table of Contents
An Overview of Chinese Folk Opera 
History of Chinese Folk Opera 
Performing Conventions of Chinese Folk Opera 
Categories of Chinese Folk Opera 
Bangzi Opera 
Flower Drum Opera 
Flower Lantern Opera 
Yang Ge Opera 
Daoqing Opera 
Tea Picking Opera 
Er Ren Zhuan 
Er Ren Tai 
Shadow Puppetry 
Puppet Show
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Sample pages of Chinese Red: Chinese Folk Opera (ISBN:9787546135908) 

Sample pages of Chinese Red: Chinese Folk Opera (ISBN:9787546135908) 

Thirteen Famous Actors and Actresses during the Tongzhi Period and Guangxu Period Painted by Shen Rongpu(Qing Dynasty,1644~1911) 
Depicted in the picture are the thirteen most renowned Peking Opera artists during the Tongzhi Period(1862—1874)and Guangxu Period(1875—1908)of the Qing Dynasty: Zhang Shengkui,Liu Gansan,Cheng Changgeng,Shi Xiaofu,Lu Shengkui,Tan Xinpei,Hao Lantian,Mei Qiaoling,Yu Ziyun,Xu Xiaoxiang,Yang Mingyu,Zhu Lianfen and Yang Yuelou.Of these,Cheng Changgeng,director of the Sanqing Troupe,was the one who brought Xipi Tune of the Han style and Erhuang Tune of the Anhui style together,promoting the development of Peking Opera.He can thus be said to be the earliest ancestor of Peking Opera.
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Chinese Red: Chinese Folk Opera