The Romance of the Western Chamber - A Kunqu Opera

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This book introduces from original to nowadays, the development of this opera. It also describes the music for voices in a Chinese opera.
Table of Contents
Chapter Ⅰ 
Origins of the Drama _ 1 
1. The story of Yingying by Yuan Zhen _ 1 
2. Western Chamber Romance Zhugongdiao by Dong Jieyuan _ 8 
3. Yuan zaju The Romance oF the Western Chamber by Wang Shifu _ 18 
4. The southern opera and the Kunqu opera: The Romance of the Western Chamber _ 24 
Chapter Ⅱ 
The Spread of the Drama_ 30 
1. The spread of the drama at home _ 30 
2. The spread of the drama abroad _ 47 
Chapter Ⅲ 
Aspects of the Drama_ 55 
1. The place-the Monastery of Universal Salvation _ 55 
2. Main characters _ 58 
3. Synopsis of the ten scenes _ 67 
4. Roles, music, facial makeup, costumes, and stage properties _ 75 
5. Critiques of the libretto _ 81 
Script of the Drama _ 103 
Kunqu Opera ABC _ 188 
Works Consulted and Cited _ 238
Sample Pages Preview
Sir, please don't stir up trouble ! Miss Cui has walked away.Zhang Gong: [Sings sideward, to the tune ofjishengcao] 
Her fragrance, like that of the orchid and the must, remains here,While the tinkling sound of her jade adornments fade away. 
The twigs of the sweeping willow sway in the east breeze;
The petals of the peach flowers adhere to the gossamer threads. 
Behind the beaded curtain, her face is exposed faintly as brilliant asthe lotus flower; 
In her white mourning dress she looks as beautiful as jade. 
It's a pity that I cannot meet with her,But how can I bear the amorous glance she cast when she was aboutto depart! 
I am just a common student,But even a man made of iron or stone could not but be infatuated with her. 
[Thinks for a while, then says to Fa Cong] 
Eminent Monk, please tell the abbot that I would like to rent half aguestroom, so that morning and evening I can study the classics and histories. As for the monthly rent, I will pay what you wish.
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The Romance of the Western Chamber - A Kunqu Opera