Du Shiniang - A Beijing Opera

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This book describes the plot, artistic form, linguistic form and characterization of this story. It is a excellent book which can help the readers who are interested in Chinese opera culture, foreign language learners and traditional Chinese opera fans.
Table of Contents
Chapter Ⅰ 
Origins of the Story and the Script _ 1 
1. Song Maocheng and Story of Betrayal_ 4 
2. Feng Menglong and Du Shiniang Angrily Sinks the 
Jewel Box _ 10 
Chapter Ⅱ 
Aspects of the Drama _ 24 
1. Synopsis of the plotline _ 24 
2. Introduction of the main characters _ 27 
Chapter Ⅲ 
The Spread of the Drama _ 49 
1. Brief history of publication and performance _ 49 
2. Influence at home _ 50 
2. Influence abroad _ 75 
Chapter Ⅳ 
Stage Practices _ 79 
1. The categories of roles _ 79 
2. Singing design _ 80 
3. Costume design _ 84 
4. Stage art design and props _ 86 
Chapter Ⅴ 
Reviews and Commentaries _ 92 
Play Script of the Opera _ 116 
Historical Sources and Notes _ 194 
Beijing Opera ABC _ ]99 
Works Consulted and Cited _ 251 
Bibliography 253
Sample Pages Preview
Feng Menglong seizes this anticipatory remark and expands on Du Shiniang Angrily Sinks the Iewel Box. He mentions the jewel boxfour times in his rewritten .version, using the object to foreshadow thetragic ending of the tale. The first time Feng Menglong mentions the boxis when Li Jia tried everything to raise money to redeem Du Shiniangout of the brothel, but was unsuccessful and returned empty-handed.Du Shiniang then took out one hundred and fifty taels of broken silver,hidden inside her bed padding, and said, This is my own savings, andyou can take them. For the three hundred taels of silver, I will pay halfof it, and you can seek the other half. I will do my best, but the brothelMadam has given us a limit of only four days to come up with the money,so make haste!" 
The second.time the box of treasures is mentioned is after DuShiniang bought herself out of the brothel, and the brothel Madamwithheld Du Shiniang's clothing and jewelry. The brothel sisters gave DuShiniang some clothes and jewelry in the courtyard. When Du Shiniangand Li Jia thanked the sisters, Sister Xie Yuelang said: "You can come andthank us later. But you are going miles off with your husband, withoutmuch in your small suitcase This should be our duty, and we willplan together to make sure that our sister won't have to worry about nothaving money to spend on the road.""
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Du Shiniang - A Beijing Opera