The Complete Dramatic Works of Tang Xianzu

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My hometown is by the beautiful Wujiang River. 
When I served as a singing girl in Jiankang, 
I often sang the song of"Cherish while Ye May" 
Till I was separated from my beloved one. 
After my youthful life was ruined, 
I seemed to be half-tinted with autumn bleakness. 
Later I served the young Crown Prince with all my heart, 
But was given the cold shoulder in the house of Prince Huo. 
Now that I am practicing Taoism, 
What's the use of talking about make-up? 
I am nothing but a lonely azalea. 
Shancai, go and see whether there are ladies burning joss-sticks in the Queen Mother Hall! 
Who will come after noontime? 
Have a look outside for all that! 
(Enter Zheng Liuniang and Huo Xiaoyu) 
ZHENG LIUNIANG (To the tune of Yijiangfeng): 
This is a clean and serene place, 
With tall green trees around 
And drifting white clouds above. 
Look, my daughter! 
Rising into the sky, 
The magnificent mansion 
Stands against the setting sun. 
When the beaded curtain is raised, 
Fragrant incense smoke permeates the place. 
Here comes Sister Shancai! 
SHANCM (Comes out and greets in a pleased surprise): 
It turns out to be Liuniang and Princess Xiaoyu! Judging from your headwear, are you married,Princess?
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The Complete Dramatic Works of Tang Xianzu