Honorable Official Yu Chenglong: A Beijing Opera

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Table of Contents
Chapter Ⅰ 
Origins and Contexts_ 1 
1. Origin of the drama _ 1 
2. Outline of the story _ 16 
3. Main characters and their personalities in the drama _ 28 
4. Historical accounts of 
Yu Chenglong _ 34 
5. Introduction of Shang Changrong and 
Guan Dongtian, leading actors in the drema_ 46 
Chapter Ⅱ 
Influence of the Story _ 75 
1. Novel Yu Chenglong, Man of Justice _ 75 
2. The Jin opera Honorable Official Yu Chenglong _ 80 
3. The movie Honorable Official Yu Chenglong _ 81 
4. The TV series Yu Chenglong, an Honorable Official of the Era_ 87 
Chapter Ⅲ 
Theatrical Performances of the Drama_ 95 
1. Performing artists playing a supportincrole in the drama _ 95 
2. Playwrights _ 99 
3. Composers _ 102 
4. Categories of roles _ 106 
5. Melody and opera singing design _ 106 
6. Facial makeup _ 113 
7. Costumes _ 113 
8. Stage properties _ 114 
Play, Script of the Opera _ 115 
Beijing Opera ABC _ 200 
Works Consulted and Cited _ 251
Sample Pages Preview
Some interview questions center around the treatment of a historical drama and its truthfulness in representing a historical story. When asked if he has used any exaggerations in the narration, Zhu replies:No, absolutely not. According to the historical record, YuGhenglong did sell his only donkey in exchange for ten liang of silver during a disaster in Zhili and the moment he walked out of the donkey buying and selling store, he gave the money to the poor in the street. This can be verified in the historical documents. Also according to the historical record, one year Zhili had a disaster and half of the village was empty and people went begging all over the places, so we included that in our TV story. Lastly, according to the historical account, local folks didn't address him as Your Highness," but they called him a "parent-like official" instead.Thus, we described Yu Ghenglong very objectively in the story when we created the storyline. (qtd. in Honorable 143)The story of three jars of yellow soil has not been mentioned in any historical accounts, according to Zhu, but in Shanxi, Yu Chenglong's hometown, there is a legend that there were many jars containing yellow soil in his grave. In the novel, Wang Yongtai incorporates that information into the creation of the story as well. In the TV series the same information is included as an important theme of the 
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Honorable Official Yu Chenglong: A Beijing Opera