Zhong Kui- A Heibei Bangzi Opera

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This book emphasize introduce the story of Zhong Kui in the way of Hebei Bangzi. It also attaches the introduction of Hebei Bangzi. This book is in one of the culture popularize, Chinese opera research and culture propaganda. It can help readers understand China traditional culture, local culture, in especial Chinese opera culture.
Table of Contents
Chapter Ⅰ 
Cultural Context 
1. The mythology of Zhong Kui_1 
2. Historical development_2 
3. The popularization of Zhong Kui stories _16 
Chapter Ⅱ 
Dimensions of Hebei Bangzi Opera _ 39 
1. Landscape of theatres _ 39 
2. Birth and growth of the opera _ 43 
3. Prototypes of its theatrical performance _ 61 
Chapter Ⅲ 
The r985 Production of the Hebei Bangzi Opera Zhong Kui _ 80
1. Synopsis of plot _ 80 
2. Reviews _ 81 
3. The libretto with annotations _ 83 
The Hebei Bangzi Opera ABCs _ 135 
Endnotes _ 172 
Works Cited_187
Sample Pages Preview
Li Si: [With a threatening tone] 
Look, Mr. Zhong. Do as we suggest. It's in your best interest. Mylord never takes a rejection. You want to try your luck testing it out ?You see the chief supervisor of this year's exam is the godfather ofmy lord's uncle-his mother's brother. Even if you don't take ourinvites, his uncle will still make sure that his godfather will help mylord win the championship100. Go figure. 
Zhong Kui:Save your breath ! 
Chang Feng: [Shamed and upset] 
[Stuttering, sings] 
How dare you,You little Zhong Kui,To poke into my eyesTo shame meTo cross me-[To Li Si] What should we do? 
[Li Si whispering into Chang Feng's ear] 
Chang Feng: 
That's a good idea. If Zhong Kui is unwilling to let me copy his answer,he won't win the champion, either. [Sings] 
I will have you 
Lose it, too ! 
Chang Feng: [Furiously, he tears up his invitation and check.] 
The hell with you ! [ Walking toward the door].
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