Pan Jinlian: A Kunqu Opera

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Table of Contents
Chapter I
Introduction _ 1
Chapter II 
The Prototype of the Drama _ 15 
1. Confucius's teachings on social harmony _ 20 
2. Confucian view of the role of women _ 25 
3. Pan Jinlian measured against the Lessons for Women and female exemplars _ 38 
4. Pan Jinlian versus other "fallen women" _51 
Chapter III
The Theatrical Performance of Pan Jinlian _ 67 
1. The portrayal of Pan Jinlian in Water Margin and Golden Lotus _ 68 
2. Ouyang Yuqian's Pan Jintian--a woman under the halo of Nora _ 86 
3. My Pan Jinlian--An absurd drama of Sichuan opera by Wei Nlinglun _ 106 
4. Liang Guyin's Pan Jinlian--the Kunqu opera _ 131 
5. Performances of Pan Jinlian by other regional operas _ 145 
Script of the Opera _ 156 
Endnotes _ 223 
Kunqu Opera ABC _ 234 
Works Cited and Consulted _ 284
Sample Pages Preview
not eating the bread chewed by other people." What she meant by"eating chewed bread" is a reference to imitating others either in styleof the performance or in the composition of the play script. She furtherexplains, "I'll go to the lowland if someone is on the highland; if there issomething lacking, I'll fill the vacuum by creating something different,such as the choice of the subject matter, the motif of a drama, the designof the plot, devices and techniques used in the drama" (Liang, 12). Thedebut of the Kunqu opera version of Pan finlian was staged in 1987, oneyear after the tremendous success ofWei Minglun's absurd drama on PanJinlian. Does she try to follow the footsteps of Wei Minglun ? If so, this isvery uncharacteristic of her as she refused to "eat the bread chewed byothers." If not, what is her motivation of creating a similar drama in sucha short span of time ? She presents the following explanation:It all started in September of last year (1986) when our troupewent to Beiiing to perform. In fact, I went to Beiiing twice last year,in March and April respectively. The audiences in Beijing were alltoo familiar with the four dramas I performed: "Lanke Mountains,""Yearning for Secular Life. Descending from Mountains," "BorrowingTea" and "Caught Alive." Since there would be an opera festival inSeptember in Beijing, I had to come up with something decent toshow to the audience of Beijing. I was in a dilemma, finding it hardto decide whether to get some decent play ready or to quit. At theend of my wit, I thought of using one episode of a traditional dramaabout Wu Song. The title of the episode is "Farewell to Brother andLifting Curtains," which includes how Pan Jinlian tries to seduce WuSong and gets reiected and how she meets Ximen Qing, the playboyaccidentally.
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Pan Jinlian: A Kunqu Opera