Chinese Seal

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Author: Hu Yang;
Language: Chinese,English
Page: 157
Publication Date: 01/2012
ISBN: 9787546122724
Publisher: Huangshan Publishing House
Series: Chinese Red
Chinese seals are not only proof of credit but also an art combining literature, painting, calligraphy and carving. The Chinese seal culture is ancient yet charming. A small piece of seal bears the weight of the thousands years of brilliant history and culture of the Chinese nation. Moreover, Chinese seal is a kind of unique art with rich aesthetic meaning. The Chinese seal contains the beauty of seal stone, carving, literature, lettering and composition and can be regarded as a treasure in the art treasure-house of the human being.
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Sample pages of Chinese Seal (ISBN:9787546122724)

Sample pages of Chinese Seal (ISBN:9787546122724)
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Chinese Seal