Dongba Dictionary (printed on hand-made Dongba paper)

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  • Page: 65
  • Publication Date: 01/2008
The Dongba hieroglyph of Naxi people is the quintessence of the Dongba culture. This kind of picture-like characters is called by Naxi people as "Sen Jiu Lu Jiu", literally meaning "Symbols or pictures on wood and stone". Today, there are still a few naxi Priests (Dongbas) who understand the meaning of the ancient sutras written in this kind of hieroglyphic characters and they are still in use. It is regarded as "the only hieroglyph remaining alive in the world" and those ancient Dongba sutras have been listed on "World Memory Heritage" for better protection.
There are about 1,400 hieroglyphic characters which are in daily use. All characters are provided with Chinese, English and Japanese translation.
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Dongba Dictionary (printed on hand-made Dongba paper)