Simulated Tests of the New HSK (2nd Edition) - HSK Level V

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Author: Dong Cui;
Format: Book + downloadable audios
Page: 318
Publication Date: 01/2017
ISBN: 9787561947838
Publisher: Beijng Language and Culture University Press
Series: Simulated Tests of the New HSK (2nd Edition)
Sample Pages: PDF Download
Level: Advanced

This book is based on the 2015 edition of Hanban's HSK Test Syllabus (Levels 1-6), with due consideration to experts' suggestions and an analysis of sample questions and question design principles. The book of each level is composed of 10 sets of written simulation tests, preceded by an introduction to the test of the specific level and the methods of taking the test under the new mode, and followed by the listening script and answers. The listening sections in the book are provided with audio recordings, which can be acquired by scanning the QR codes in the book.

About the Author
Dong Cui is a professor and postgraduate supervisor whose research focuses on CFL curriculum, CFL pedagogy, and HSK. Dong is the chief editor of HSK Simulation Tests (Level 5, 1st Edition).

Simulated Tests of the New HSK (2nd Edition) - HSK Level V