HSK Standard Course 5B - Teacher's Book

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Author: Jiang Liping;
Format: Book
Page: 141
Publication Date: 01/2020
ISBN: 9787561955635
Usage Advice: For students and teachers of HSK Standard Course 5

Authorized by Hanban, HSK Standard Course is developed under the joint efforts of Beijing Language and Culture University Press and Chinese Testing International (CTI). With HSK test papers as its primary source, HSK Standard Course is characterized by a humorous style, familiar topics and a scientific course design. Matching the HSK test in all aspects, from the content, form to the levels, it is a series of new-type course books embodying the idea of “combining testing and teaching, and promoting learning and teaching by testing”. It is suitable for the Confucius Institutes in different countries as well as other Chinese teaching institutions and self-taught learners.
The whole series is divided into six levels matching the HSK test, with one volume for each of Levels 1-3 and two volumes for each of Levels 4-6, totaling nine volumes. With a textbook, a workbook and a teacher's book in each volume, there are altogether 27 books.
This is Teacher's Book 5B, with altogether 18 lessons. Each lesson includes a specification of the instructional contents and objectives, and an elaboration of teaching steps. It provides teachers with all-round guidance and effective support in regard to how to use the textbook and workbook of the corresponding level.

About the Author
Professor Jiang Liping is a postgraduate tutor in Beijing Language and Culture University whose research focuses on the theories of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, teaching methodology and textbook study. Ms. Jiang’s works include books such as On Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Ways on How to Teach Foreigners Chinese and Classroom Expression Course for Chinese Teaching as well as more than 10 papers published in Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies, Chinese Language Teaching and other journals. She has given lectures in many countries and cities, such as Japan, the United States, Thailand and Hong Kong
Table of Contents
19 家乡的萝卜饼
20 小人书摊
21 汉字叔叔:一个美国人的汉字情缘
22 阅读与思考
23 放手
24 支教行动
25 给自己加满水
26 你属于哪一种“忙”
27 下棋
28 最受欢迎的毕业生
29 培养对手
30 竞争让市场更高效
31 登门槛效应
32 身边的环保
33 以堵治堵——缓解交通有妙招
34 鸟儿的护肤术
35 植物会出汗
36 老舍与养花
HSK Standard Course 5B - Teacher's Book