Chinese Seals

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In ancient China, Emperors used seals to proclaim their decrees to their people, officials used seals to exercise their power, merchants used seals to demonstrate their credibility, land-lords used seals to protect their small properties. Gradually, seals became the representative and evidence of personal identity, and even today Chinese are still using seals.
Table of Contents
Introductory Remarks-Beginning with the Character “印”Yin (Seat)
Seats Are Found Everywhere
Seals Stamped on Pottery
Seals Stamped on Clay
Seals Stamped on Paper
Seals on Paintings and Calligraphic Works

The Historical DeveLopment of Chinese Seats
The Earliest Seals
Seals of the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods
Qin and Han Dynasty Seals, and Their Decline
Separation of Official Seals and Private Seals, and the
Appearance of the Art of Seal Cutting
Seat Knobs and Seats as Accessories
The Story of Seal Stones
The Beauty of the Seat Characters and Seat Styte
Seal Inscriptions
Seal Character Arrangement
Cutting Technique

Characters on Seat Sides and Books of Seat Impressions
Biankuan (Characters on Seal Sides)
Books of Seal Impressions

Seat Cutters and Seat Society
Seal Cutters of the Ming Dynasty
Seal Cutters of the Qing Dynasty
Contemporary Seal Cutters
The Xiling Seal Society

Seat Cutting and Seat Stamping
Seal Cutting
Stamping Seals
Appendix: Chronological Table of the Chinese Dynasties
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Sample pages of Chinese Seals (ISBN:9787119041971)
Sample pages of Chinese Seals (ISBN:9787119041971)
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