Hangzhou Splendors to the World: Impression of Xiling Seal-Engravers Society

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  • Author: Wei Haoben; ;
  • Language: English
  • Page: 298
  • Publication Date: 07/2020
  • ISBN: 9787556512935
  • Publisher: Hangzhou Press
Table of Contents
Chapter One Treasure of Chinese Culture and the "No. 1 Scal-Engraving Society"-Seal Engraving and Xiling Seal-Engravers' Society
Ⅰ. Historical Evolution of the Art of Chinese Seal Engraving
Ⅱ. The Zhejiang School and Hangzhou, City of Sphragistics
Ⅲ. The Status and Role of XSES
Chapter Two The Origin and the 100-Year Development of XSES
Ⅰ. Xiling Seal-Engravers' Society Bon of Its Time
Ⅱ.A Review of Major Commemorative Events
Ⅲ. Academic Activities for Creative Development
Ⅳ. Distinctive Exchanges with Foreign Countries and Hong Kong. Macao and Taiwan of China
Ⅴ. The Growing Trade of XSES
Chapter Three Artists Gathering from All Corners and Arts with Penetrating Power XSES Masters and Their Works
Ⅰ. The Four Masters Founding the Society
Ⅱ. XSES Presidents
Ⅲ.XSES Celebrities
Ⅳ. Celebrities and XSES
Chapter Four The Admirable Humanistic Spirit Exploration of the Humanistic Spirit of XSES
Ⅰ. Essence of the Humanistic Spirit of XSES
Ⅱ. The Humanistic Features of Xiling Scal-Engravers' Society
Chapter Five Rich Collection of Elegant Cultural Relics-A Collection of Cultural Relícs in Xiling Seal-Engravers' Society
Ⅰ. Collections Donated by Society Members without Reservation
Ⅱ. Fine Collections of XSES
Ⅲ. China Sphragistics Museum
Chapter Six An Auspicious Place Blessed with the Essence of Heaven and Earth-The Site of Xiling Scal-Engravers' Society
Ⅰ. Historical and Cultural Heritage
Ⅱ. Exquisite Jiangnan-Style Garden Landscapes
Ⅲ. Classical and Quaint Building Style
Ⅳ. Dainty Springs and Ponds
Ⅴ. Fascinating Stone Statues
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Hangzhou Splendors to the World: Impression of Xiling Seal-Engravers Society