An Afternoon Tea of Beijing Opera Tidbits(Cultural China)

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Author: Xu Chengbei;
Format: 173*247mm
Publication Date: 01/2005
ISBN: 9781592650576
Publisher: Long River Press
Beijing opera is a joyful art. It arose among he populace as an entertainment by for the people. The pioneer performers were not noted for their literacy. They visualized the happenings in the royal court the rewards bestowed by the emperor on high officials returned from important missions to all corners of his realm. At the beginning, the stage was usually a crude contraption thrown up on a threshing ground the performers often had to content themselves with a free meal offered by the villagers when these could,t afford to pay cash for the show. With the spread of Beijing opera to cities, it became increasingly sophisticated refined under the cultural influence of city life. But it tended to create emotional identification most readily with the city poor.
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An Afternoon Tea of Beijing Opera Tidbits(Cultural China)