Zhong Wen / Chinese Textbook Vol 5 (PDF) (Revised Edition)

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Format: PDF
Page: 142
Publication Date: 12/2006
ISBN: 9787810297004 / 7810297007
Publisher: JiNan University Press
Series: Zhong Wen

This is the second edition of Zhong Wen / Chinese textbooks, designed for overseas students who plan to attend an after-school course, introduces 2,500 Chinese characters, covers a wide range of topics and provides an overview of Chinese culture including Chinese geography, history and philosophy. The 1-9 volumes introduce the basic knowledge of Chinese, including the characters, Pinyin system, sentence patterns and short composition. The 10-12 volumes talk about the Chinese geography, history, philosophy and so on. With simple words of the contents, students will learn Chinese language and culture easily.

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by Tracey on 2018-04-14 03:24:24
So hard I am quitting soon
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Zhong Wen / Chinese Textbook Vol 5 (PDF) (Revised Edition)