Learn Chinese with Me Vol 2: Teacher's Book

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Author: Chen Fu; Zhu Zhiping;
Page: 129
Publication Date: 08/2004
ISBN: 9787107175442

Learn Chinese with Me is a set of textbooks designed especially for high school students.

During high school students develop from adolescence to adulthood and are keen to learn but have yet to set their goals in life. Their education, including language training, should therefore focus on fostering their interests. The style and content of Learn Chinese with Me were compiled on this principle.

All the contributors are first-line teachers of teaching Chinese as a second language and the textbooks have always been compiled with the teaching of the students in mind. Due to differences in culture, there are however some differences between teaching Chinese as a second language in China and teaching Chinese as a second language abroad, especially at high school level, in terms of teaching concept and ideology. The research we conducted before compiling these textbooks proved the existence of such differences. Nevertheless, we are still convinced that in a century where various cultures are intermingling with each other, we can bridge the gap through mutual understanding and exchange of ideas with our overseas counterparts. Thus, we sincerely welcome any suggestions for the improvement of this series of textbooks and the cause of teaching Chinese we have both been endeavouring at.

Table of Contents

第一单元  杰克和他的同学们
1 我来介绍一下
2 他们骑自行车上学
3 我想选音乐课
4 我能用一下你的橡皮吗
5 我们的校园
第二单元  业余爱好
6 哪个队赢了
7 给你一张电影票
8 你的爱好是什么
9 比赛就要开始了
10 我的新朋友
第三单元  温馨的家
11 你在干什么
12 祝你节日快乐
13 我想当律师
14 我们应该庆祝一下
15 一次野餐
第四单元  饮食与健康
16 早饭你吃了什么
17 我喜欢喝茶
18 我吃饱了
19 我的手摔伤了
20 叔叔请客
第五单元  多彩的服装
21 我穿什么好
22 这种鞋跟那种鞋一样
23 请给我们拿两件大号的T恤衫
24 他衣服上画的是龙
25 古代的旗袍是什么样子
第六单元  爱护我们的环境
26 这里不能放自行车
27 我们要把教室打扫干净
28 公共场所禁止吸烟
29 我帮领居们遛狗
30 暑假就要开始了

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