Speeding Ahead: China's Rapid Transit Railways

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Table of Contents
Foreword: China Accomplishing the Dream of High—speed Rail 
"National Artery" Is Calling for High Speed 
1.When Can the "Slow Cow" Run 
2.China Railway Speed—up Campaign: Six Rounds 
3.The Prelude of Qinhuangdao—Shenyang Passenger Railway 
Catching Up with the World 
1.Design the Grand Blucprint—the Mid—to—Long Term Railway Network Scheme 
2.Drawing Sword at Beijing—Tianjin Railway: China's First High—Speed Rail Business Card 
3.Dccisive Battle of Beijing—Shanghai High—speed Rail: the Oricntal Dragon Takes off 
4.Beijing—Guangzhou High—speed Rail Opcned Lo Traffic: China Straightens its Back 
Electricity Mukiple Unit (EMU)—the Iron Dragon Catching the Wind 
1.An lce—breaking Journey: the Blue Arrow and the Pioneer Bullet Trains 
2.Speed—up: Sixteen Years Are Too Long: Scize the Hour, Seize the Day 
3."Created in China": Scale Three Heights in Six Consecutive Years 
Railway Engineering Creating Competitive Products 
1.Railroad—building Iron Army Moves forward through Trials and Hardships 
2.Home—made Ballastless Track and Seamless Rails 
3.Install Chargcrs and Delicate Brains on High—speed Trains 
4.Modern Stations: New Urban Landmarks 
5.Joint Debugging and Commissioning and System Jntegration 
Fresh Wind of Train Operations 
1.Put Safety First and Treat Passengefs as Supremacy 
2.China's Railway Going out 
3.Unravel the Mystery of China Spced 
What Have High—speed Rails Brought to Us 
1.The Breakthrough of 10,000 Kilometers for China's High—Speed Rail 
2.54 Cities Can Be Reached Within Halfa Day Trom Beijing by High—speed 
3.Highlight the Advantages of Saving Energy and Environmental Protection 
4.An Economic and Social Development Booster 
5.China's Railway: Embracing a Brighter Future 
The Map of China's High—speed Rail Lines 
Table of the Construction and Operation of High—specd Train 
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Speeding Ahead: China's Rapid Transit Railways