Feeding a Nation: China's Innovative Agriculture

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Table of Contents
Foreword 1 
From Ancrent Times to the Modern Day: Agriculture Is the Soul of China 4 
1.Food Is the Overriding Necessity for Human Beings 6 
2.China's No.1 Central Documents 10 
3.Flower in Spring and Fruit in Autumn 16 
Journey of Contemporary "Shen Nongs" 24 
1."Father of Hybrid Rice", Yuan Longping 26 
2.Pioneer of "Chinese Indica", Yan Long'an 33 
3."Migrant Bird of Rice", Zhu Yingguo 35 
4.Contemporary "Hou Ji", Li Zhensheng 37 
5."The Catcher in the Rye", Yu Zhenwen 39 
6.Breeder of Dry Farming Wheat, Liang Zengji 41 
7."Father of Hybrid Wheat", Zhao Changping 42 
8.Founder of "Hybrid Millet of Zhang", Zhao Zhihai 44 
9."King of Tomato", Li Jingfu 45 
10."King of Cucumber", Ma Dehua 48 
Innovative High—value Biological Low—carbon Agriculture 50 
1.Ovcrview: Overall Development of China's Agricultural Bio—industry 53 
2.China's Biotechnology and Seed Production 55 
3.Changes that Genetic Engineering Brings to the World 64 
4.Measures to Reinforce China's Biological Agricultural Technology 68 
From Research Institutes to the Countryside:The Popularization of China's Agriculture Technology 76 
1.Millions of Agro—Technicians in the Countryside 78 
2.Spring Breeze and Rain Benefit All 82 
3.Prometheus of Innovation 90 
From the Commune to the Company: China's Innovation in relation to Agriculture Industrialization 100 
1.A Dragon in the Field—Industrialization of—China's Agriculture 102 
2.Leading Enterprises—The Main Force for China's Agriculture Industrialization 110 
3.Dragons in the Sky—Scientific and Technological Innovation is Flying with Wings 117 
Epilogue 123
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Feeding a Nation: China's Innovative Agriculture