History of Acrobatics

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The acrobatic art is a significant component of Chinese traditional culture and it is an embodiment of Chinese people's wisdom. The evolution of Chinese acrobatics speaks a lot of Chinese history as it witnesses the ups and downs the Chinese nation has undergone.

From the very beginning the emergence of "the boomerang" gave the promise that the acrobatic art was to flourish in China since it was in tune with the general public's interest for its vividness as well as plainness.

Chinese acrobatic art presents amazing vitality in the tortuous and arduous journey it has covered. That the acrobatics survive despite the social turmoil and the suppression by the authorities is credited to the acrobatic artists who devote their lives to the acrobatics with little concern for fame or gain.
The acrobatic art, a glamorous gem of the Chinese traditional culture, is bound to enjoy ongoing progress and lasing prosperity.
Table of Contents

Ⅰ. The Budding of Acrobatics:Acrobatics in the Pre-Qin Dynasty
1. Wrestling and Lifting
2. Circus Acts and Animal Plays
3. Juggling Balls and Swords
4. Somersault
5. Other Varieties of Acrobatics

Ⅱ. The Emergence and Development of Variety Shows:Acrobatics in the Qin and Han Dynastiest
1. Further Development of Strength Acrobatics
2. VanousPhysiqueTechniques
3. Thrilling Aerial Acrobatics
4. Diversified Juggling Acrobatics
5. Fleeting Glory of Circus Acts and Animal Plays
6. AccomplishmentofOtherVarietiesofAcrobatics

Ⅲ. The All-Inclusive Variety Shows:Acrobatics in the Three Kingdoms Period,Two Jins and Southern & Northern Dynasties
1. Development of Circus Acts and Animal Plays
2. Magic Tricks Brimming with Unique Flavors from the Westem Regions

Ⅳ. Witness the Thriving Imperial Acrobatics:Acrobatics in the Sui and Tang Dynasties
1. Great Stndes Made in Physique Techniques
2. Myriads of Aerial Acmbatics
3. Magic Art Blending Tradition and Innovation in the Sui and Tang Dynasties
4. Thriving Circus Actsand Animal Plays
5. Mynads of Animal MasqueBde Plays
6. Juggling Art

Ⅴ. Thriving Urban Acrobatics:Acrobatics in the Song Dynasty
1. Flourishing Juggling Skills
2. Captivating Magic Tricks in the Song Dynasty
3. Cimus Acts and Animal Plays ARained a New Height
4. Eclectic Physique Techniques
5. Thriving Strength Acrobatics

Ⅵ. Rise and Decline of Acrobatics:Acrobatics in the Ming and Qing Dynasties
1. Myriads of Physique Techniques
2. Strength Acrobatics in the True Sense
3. Acrobatics Introduced from the Westem Countries

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