China's Journey to Space: From Dream to Reality

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Table of Contents
Milestones in the Development of China’s Space Industry 
1.Initiation of China’s Aerospace 
2.Exploration of China’s Manned Spaceflight 
3.A New Journey for Lunar Exploration 
Long March Rocket Frmity 
1.LM—1 Carrier Rocket Series: China’s First Carner Rocket Models 
2.LM—2 Carrier Rocket Series: Sending Shenzhou Spacecrafiinto Space 
3.LM—3 Carrier Rocket Series: Ladder to the Moon 
4.LM—4 Carrier Rocket Series: Sending Satellites into Sun Synchronous Orbit 
Chinese Satellite.s in Space 
1.Widely—used Earth Observation Satellites 
2.Communications Satellites as Bridgcs for Space Information 
3.Beidou Navigation Satellites 
4.Experimental Satellites for Scientific and Technological Development 
5.Chinese Satellites in Global Market 
The Shenzhou Spacecraft: Chinese Natron’s Millennium Dream of Spaceflight Comes True 
1.China’s Self—developed Flying Vehicle: The Shenzhou Spacecraft 
2.Shenzhou 5 Mission: First Manncd Spaceflight 
3.Shenzhou 6 Mission: First Muki—manned and Multi—day Spaceflight 
4.Shenzhou 7 Mission: Fifst Spacewalk 
5.Shenzhou 8 Mission: First Rendezvous and Docking in Space 
6 Shenzhou 9 Mission: Travel of First Female Astronaut to Space 
7.Shcnzhou 10 Mission: First Applied Spaceflight 
Travel of Chinese Astronauts to Space 
1.“Cradle” of Chinese Astronauts 
2.Selection and Training of Chinese Astronauts 
3.Unusual Space Life of Chinese Astronauts 
4.“Feitian” Space Suit: Special Space Suit for Chinese Astronauts 
5.Chincse Space Food 
The Wonderful Beginnings and Progress of the Chang’e Program 
1.First Lunar Exploration by Chang’e 1 
2.Second Step in Lunar Exploration by Chang’e 2 
3.First Landing on the Moon by Chang’e 3 
Desert, Mountain and Ocean: Spaceports for China’s Statellite Launch 
1.First Spaceport for Manned Spacefliht: Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center 
2.Aerospace Town on the Plateau in Northwestern Shanxi: Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center 
3“Moon City” Helping C,hang’e with the Journey to the Moon: Xichang Satellite Launch Center 
4.Future Manned Lunar Landing Spaceport: Wenchang Satelliie Launch Center 
The Broad Prospects of China’s Aerospace Sector 
1.New Carrier Rockets 
2.Various Artificial Earth Satellites 
3.Future Manned Space Station 
4.Deep Space Exploration in Progress
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China's Journey to Space: From Dream to Reality