Seabed Wonder: Xiamen Xiang'an Tunnel

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Table of Contents
Foreword 1 
Xiang'an Tunnel Construction Background and Decision—making Process 4 
1.Realization of Human History through the Seabed 6 
2.Xiang'an Tunnel: Over Ten Years of Preparation 16 
3.Ups and Downs in Fund Management, and Innovative Financing Model 28 
Construction: From Surveying to Solving the World's Problem 32 
1.The Principle of "Surveying before Tunneling, with or without Doubts" during the Surveying Work 35 
2.Tackle the Heavily Weathered Soil Layer and Permeable Sand Layer 41 
3.Overcoming the World's Problem—Undersea Weathered Slots 52 
Attaching Importance to Safety and Quality, Xiang'an Tunnel Created the Record of "No Deaths" 64 
1.Safety Construction and "No Deaths" 66 
2.Quality is Life 73 
A Well—cralted Landscape and Electromechanical Engineering 78 
1.Unforgettable Ventilation Shafts and Sculptures 80 
2.Safe and Reliable Electromechanical System 90 
Accumulate Operating Experience Then Assume Responsibility 96 
1.15,000 Vehicles Through on the Opening Day 98 
2. Upgrading Fire Facilities and Perfecting Tunnel Management Method 102 
3.Scientific Management and Maintenance for Long—term Stability 108 
4.Xiang'an Tunnel Undertakes the Task of Regional Economic Development 110 
Providing Valuable Experience for China's Undersea Tunnel Constr uction 114 
1.Technological Innovation Results 116 
2.Reality and Prospects for China's Undersea Tunnels 120 
Epilogue 123
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