Chinese Red

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Irrespective of generation or gendeer, the Chinese are particularly fond of red. This feeling will last forever, given that people's love for what is good, beautiful and joyous is something everlasting.
Table of Contents
Red—— Its Origins in Blood and Fire

Red—— the Color of Nobility
Red guards of honor
Red clothes of the nobles
Smoky willows, red walls;vermilion gates, red buildings

Red as Used by the People
Red happy events ——Chinese traditional weddings
Red the conqueror of evil
The ubiquity of red

Chinese Red for Women
Bosom girlfriends of ancient scholars
The eternally popular red skirt
Red as a symbol of love

Chinese Red for Men
Gods of sun, fire and war
Red as the color of loyalty
Chinese Red Today
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Sample pages of Chinese Red (ISBN:9787119045313)
Sample pages of Chinese Red (ISBN:9787119045313)
Chinese Red