Blazing A Trail: China's High-speed Rail

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赵妮娜, Zhao Nina has presided over the establishment of China's high-speed railway photo library and independently authored the Qinghai-Tibet Railway as a part of the national publishing project in the 11th Five-Year Plan period. Zhao has published 30 books through eight publishing houses such as Foreign Languages Press and SDX Joint Publishing (Sanlian Bookhouse), some of which are best sellers and award-winners. The Train in Memory and The Story of China's High-Speed
Railway are popular at home and abroad.
Table of Contents
Chapter Ⅰ A Sketch
(Ⅰ)A Sketch of China's HSR Network
(Ⅱ)Brand-New HSR
(Ⅲ)Eco-Friendliness Statistics of Low-Carbon Transportation
(Ⅳ)"Made in China" HSR: A New Mode of Transportation
(Ⅴ)HSR Travel Time: Chinas Unique Expression of Distance Between Two Cities
(Ⅵ)Changes in Life with the Advent of HSR
(Ⅶ)Ordinary People's Memory of HSR: Beginning in Beijing and Tianjin
(Ⅷ)2017, China's Special Memory of HSR

Chapter Ⅱ Construction
(Ⅰ)Steady Expansion of China's High-Speed Rail
(Ⅲ)China's Complex Climatic Conditions
(Ⅴ)China's Constantly "Growing"HSR Network
(Ⅳ)Post-Pandemic "New Infrastructure"
(Ⅵ)"HSR Bus"Becomes a Reality

Chapter Ⅲ Lines
(Ⅰ)The Beijing-Tianjin Intercity HSR Line: China's First HSR Line to Maintain the Highest Speed
(Ⅱ)The Beijing-Shanghai HSR Line: The Worthy "Captain of Team China
(Ⅲ)The Beijing-Guangzhou HSR Line: The World's Longest HSR Route at 2, 298 km
(Ⅳ)The "Coastal HSR Line": An Economic "Golden Line"Set along the Coast
(Ⅴ)The Harbin-Dalian HSR Line: The World's First Polar HSR Line" Operating in Extremely Low Temperatures
(Ⅵ)The Lanzhou-Xinjiang HSR Line: Traversing a 50-km High-Wind Area in the Gobi Desert
(Ⅶ)Beijingers' Three Favorite HSR Lines: Beijing-Tianjin, Beijing-Zhangjiakou, and Beijing-Xiong'an

Chapter Ⅳ Stations
(Ⅰ)Beijing South Station: Chinas First HSR Station
(Ⅱ)Collective Image of Chinese HSR Stations
(Ⅲ)Beijing's Train Station Plans

Chapter Ⅴ Trains
(Ⅰ)China's High-Speed Trainset Models
(Ⅱ)How Are High-Speed Trains Manufactured
(Ⅲ)China's Manufacturing Hubs for High-Speed Trains
(Ⅳ)The Most Important Pre-Design Job for Engineers: Setting the DNA of High-Speed Trains
(Ⅴ)The "Chinese Face" Design of High-Speed Trainsets
(Ⅵ)Why Are China's High-Speed Trains So Stable: The Secret Lies under the "Feet"
(Ⅶ)HSR's Latent Potential for Development: Designers in Their 30s, and a Platform with a Full Spectru m of Speeds
(Ⅷ)Unique Chinese High-Speed Trains: High-Speed Sleeper Trains and Variable High-Speed Trains
(Ⅸ)Driver's Cabs of High-Speed Trains: A Mysterious Place of 6 Square Meters

Chapter Ⅵ Operations
(Ⅰ)Chinas HSR Network: Carrying 14 Billion Passenger-Trips
(Ⅱ)Lunar New Year: HSR in the Largest Annual Human Migration on Earth
(Ⅲ)China's Railway Timetables and Models: Why Frequent Adjustments
(Ⅳ)The World's Largest E-Ticketing System "12306: 150 Billion Views a Day
(Ⅴ)High-Speed Trains That Take No Travelers But Are Particularly Important: The "Yellow Doctor" and a Track-Inspecting Train
(Ⅵ)Hardworking Trainset Drivers: The Professional Life of China's High-Speed Train Drivers
(Ⅶ)The"Land-Based Aircraft Carrier": The Profile and Function of the 56 High-Speed Train Depots

Chapter Ⅶ Viewpoints
(Ⅰ)CRRC's "Helmsman"Sun Yongcai on China's HSR
(Ⅱ)How Has China Sped up the Entry of Its HSR Transport Equipment into the International Market
(Ⅲ)The "No.1" R&D Tea m for H SR: Chief Engineer Liang Jianying's Team
(Ⅳ)Beyond the World's Highest Speed – Liang Jianying Reveals Chinese HSR's Three Other Outstanding Features

Chapter Ⅷ Future
(Ⅰ)China's Three Major Economic Clusters "on Track": Heralding a New Future for Rail Transport
(Ⅱ)The Future of HSR Travel: Non-Stop Trips to Destinations Thousands of Kilometers A way, and Full Digital Coverage
(Ⅲ)The Jakarta-Bandung H SR Line: China's First Overseas H SR Project
(Ⅳ)600 km/h Maglev Trains: Heralding an Era of High-Speed Transport
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Sample pages of Blazing A Trail: China's High-speed Rail (ISBN:9787119129747) Sample pages of Blazing A Trail: China's High-speed Rail (ISBN:9787119129747) Sample pages of Blazing A Trail: China's High-speed Rail (ISBN:9787119129747) Sample pages of Blazing A Trail: China's High-speed Rail (ISBN:9787119129747)
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