EMU Structure and Maintenance

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Recognizing EMUs
1.1 High-Speed Trains Around the World
1.2 Types of EMUs
1.3 EMUs Numbering Rules in China
1.4 Components of EMUs
Chapter 2 EMUs Maintenance
2.1 EMUs Maintenance Procedures and Systems
2.2 EMUs Maintenance Site
2.3 EMUs Maintenance Tools
Chapter 3 EMUs Body Structure and Maintenance
3.1 EMUs Body Structure
3.2 EMUs Body Composition
3.3 EMUs Body Maintenance
Chapter 4 EMUs Bogie Structure and Maintenance
4.1 Bogie Design Principles
4.2 The Composition of Bogie
4.3 Maintenance of EMUs Bogie
Chapter 5 EMUs End Connection Device Structure and Maintenance
5.1 EMUs End Connection Device Structure
5.2 Action Principle of EMUs Coupler
5.3 EMUs Coupler Maintenance
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EMU Structure and Maintenance