Diver's Operation and Preparation on China Standard EMU

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Table of Contents
Chapter Ⅰ CR400AF EMU Cab
Section 1 Cab console
Section 2 Function switch of cab switchboard and switch panel
Section 3 Seat
Chapter Ⅱ CR400AF EMU Cab Equipment Operation
Section 1 Battery activation and deactivation operation
Section 2 Emergency lamp switching operation
Section 3 Cab occupancy operation
Section 4 Pantograph raising and lowering operation
Section 5 Vacuum circuit breaker operation
Section 6 Parking brake application and release operation
Section 7 Operation of master control handle
Section 8 Brake application and release
Section 9 Operation of cleaning brake
Section 10 Operation of holding brake
Section 11 Full brake test operation
Section 12 Short brake test (SBT) operation
Section 13 Simplified test
Section 14 Neutral zone passing operation
Section 15 Remote equipment removal operation
Section 16 Operation of HMI display
Section 17 Door operation
Section 18 Operation of wiper and air whistle
Section 19 Driver's vigilance device operation
Section 20 Emergency traction operation
Section 21 Reset and emergency reset operation
Section 22 Air-conditioning operation in the cab
Section 23 Driver's seat
Section 24 Operation of cab lighting
Section 25 Head-light and marker-light operation
Section 26 Auxiliary air compressor operation
Section 27 Remote device removal operation
Section 28 Closed VCB operation in neutral zone
Chapter Ⅲ CR400BF EMU Cab
Section 1 Driver's console
Section 2 Second operation area
Section 3 Switch panel
Chapter Ⅳ Servicing operation
Section 1 Boarding preparation
Section 2 Inspection work within the segment (station)
Section 3 Servicing Mode
Section 4 Departure Preparation and Departure
Chapter Ⅴ Coupling, decoupling and rescue of CR400AF EMU
Section 1 Coupling operation
Section 2 Automatic decoupling operation
Section 3 Manual operation procedures of CR400AF decoupling
Section 4 Mutual rescue of EMU
Chapter Ⅵ EMU return operation
Chapter Ⅶ Brief introduction to CR400AF EMU
Section 1 Car configuration
Section 2 Technical parameters
Section 3 Equipment layout
Section 4 Car body positioning
Section 5 Bogie
Chapter Ⅷ Brief Introduction to CR400BF EMU
Section 1 Overview
Section 2 Equipment layout
Section 3 Bogie and its auxiliary
Section 4 Main power supply
Section 5 Auxiliary electrical system
Section 6 Battery and charger
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Diver's Operation and Preparation on China Standard EMU