China and Belarus: Forge Ahead Together in the "Belt and Road" Construction

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This book pools the common wisdoms of academic think-tanks of China and Belarus, especially focuses on the latest economic and social development in China and Belarus, the prospects and progress of China-Belarus industrial park, the connectivity of China and Belarus in the Belt and Road, as well as the China-Belarus pragmatic cooperation in economy, trade, production,investment, digital economy and so on, shows the significance and demonstration effect by realizing win-win cooperation and sharing of development results through co-building the Belt and Road between China and Belarus.

About Author
张翼(Zhang Yi),Director of National Institute of Social Development, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,Professor, doctoral supervisor, postdoctoral cooperative supervisor, President of the Society for Social Change.
王镭(Wang Lei),the Director-General of lnternational Cooperation Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Ph.D. in Economics, the Board Member of the Chinese Association of Friendship with Foreign Countries and the Board Member of the Chinese Association of European Studies as well as the Executive Director of the Silk Road Academy.
Table of Contents
Part Ⅰ The Belt and Road and
the Social Development
Chapter 1 Social Development of China in the Past 40
Years of Reform and Opening Up and
Its Impact on the World
Chapter 2 The Chinese-Belarusian Cooperation in the
Field of Philosophy, Science and Culture:
the Experience of the Decade

Part Ⅱ The Belt and Road and
Win-win Cooperation
Chapter 3 China-Belarus Industrial Park Opens Up a New
Chapter for Bilateral Economic and
Trade Cooperation
Chapter 4 The China-Belarus Industrial Park “Great Stone”as
One of the Main Element of the Development of
Sino-Belarusian Cooperation within the Belt and Road Initiative
Chapter 5 Belarusian-Chinese Relations and the
China-Belarus Industrial Park
Part Ⅲ The Belt and Road and Good Life
Part Ⅳ The Belt and Road and Pragmatic Cooperation
Part Ⅴ The Belt and Road and Strengthened People-to-people Ties
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China and Belarus: Forge Ahead Together in the "Belt and Road" Construction