Experimental Handbook of Regenerative Medicine and Drug Gene Delivery

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Establishment of Tissue Engineering Laboratory
Laboratory design for cell culture
Rules and regulations for cell culture room
Chapter 2 Seed Cell Culture and Identification
Basic principles of in vitro cell culture
Experiment 1 Isolation and culture assay of primary cells
Experiment 2 Primary cell subculture and its passage assay
Experiment 3 Freezing and resuscitation of cells
Experiment 4 MTT method to measure cell proliferation rate
Experiment 5 Immunostaining assay
Experiment 6 DAPI nuclear fluorescent labeling assay
Experiment 7 Cell migration assay
Experiment 8 SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis assay
Experiment 9 Isolation and cultivation of rat bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells
Chapter 3 Fabrication of Three-dimensional Scaffolds
Experiment 10 Solvent casting assay
Experiment 11 Gel pressing method assay
Experiment 12 Preparation of injectable thermosensitive hydrogel
Experiment 13 Freeze-drying method assay
Experiment 14 Three-dimensional tissue printing technique assay
Experiment 15 Coaxial bioprinting of dual network bioink to prepare blood vessels
Chapter 4 Growth Factor Delivery Systems for Regenerative Medicine
Experiment 16 Preparation of hydrogel for growth factor delivery
Experiment 17 Application of hydrophobic polymers in GF transport
Experiment 18 Growth factor perfusion delivery assay
Experiment 19 pH sensitive drug delivery assay
Experiment 20 Magnetically responsive drug delivery assay
Chapter 5 Use of Common Instruments and Equipment for Tissue
Inverted fluorescence microscope
Carbon dioxide (CO2) incubator
Laser confocal microscopy
Experimental Handbook of Regenerative Medicine and Drug Gene Delivery