Railway Station Signal Interlocking

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Table of Contents
Part Ⅰ Basic Concept of Railway Station Interlocking
Task Ⅰ Interpretation of Layout Plan of Signaling Equipment
Task Ⅱ Basics of Railway Station Interlocking
Part Ⅱ Centrally Relay-Based Interlocking
Task Ⅰ Overview of 6502 Electric Interlocking
Task Ⅱ Selective Circuit Group of 6502 Electric Interlocking
Task Ⅲ Actuating Circuit Group of 6502 Electric Interlocking
Part Ⅲ Computer Based Interlocking
Task Ⅰ Composition and Basic Principle of Signaling Equipment in CBI Station
Task Ⅱ DS6-KSB CBI System and Maintenance
Part Ⅳ Actuating Circuit
Task Ⅰ Turnout Control Circuit
Task Ⅱ Signal Lighting Circuit
Task Ⅲ 25 Hz Phase-sensitive Track Circuit
Part Ⅴ Lightning Protection of Signaling Equipment
Task Ⅰ Lightning and Lightning Protection
Task Ⅱ Example of Lightning Protection for Railway Station Signaling Equipment
Task Ⅲ Lightning Protection Maintenance of Railway Station Signaling Equipment
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Railway Station Signal Interlocking