Shanghai Shikumen Lifestyle

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Language: English
Format: Hardcover
Page: 295
Publication Date: 04/2010
ISBN: 9787545205565
As a kind of residential building unique in Shanghai,Shikumen houses
have been in existence for about 140 years sincethey first came into
being in the middle of 19th century. Duringthat long period of time,
millions of citizens in Shanghai as well asimmigrants from others parts
of the country have been carryingout their daily lives in Shikumen, to
which they felt attached bothphysically and emotionally.
Table of Contents
Features of Shikumen Houses
Shikumen in the Past
The Origin of the Name
The Evolution of Shikumen Houses
Early Shikumen Houses
Late Shikumen Houses
Shikumen Houses with Cantonese Style
New Lane Houses
The Evolution of Doorways
The Evolution of Shikumen Doorways
The Evolution of Doorway
Features of Courtyards in Shikumen
Features of the Decoration of Shikumen Houses
Names of Lanes in Shikumen
Landlords in Shikumen
Second Landlords in Shikumen

Shikumen in Recent Days

Prospects of Shikumen
Commercial Model
Private Conservation Model
Government Conservation Model

The Living Habits of Residents in Shikumen
Living Habits
Having Meals
Washing Clothes
Dumping out the Chamber Pot
Enjoying the Cool Air

Slang in Shanghai Dialect
Practicing Daochang-Taoist or Buddhist Rites-in the Shell
of a Snail
Hatching in the Sunshine
Opening a Dormer Window
Opening the Dormer and Getting it Straight

Relationships Between Neighbors
Appellations Used to Address Each Other within the
Care for Each Other
Courtesy on Both Sides
The Custom of Sharing
Borrowing from Each Other
Helping Each Other Receive Guests
Frugality in Household Management
Shrewd Housewives
Making New Clothes out of the Old

Vendors in Lanes in Shiknmen
Cries in the Lanes
Cries from Dawn till Dusk
Early in the Morning
In the Evening
Late at Night

Cries in Different Seasons
Early Summer
Late Summer and Early Fall

Cries of Selling Snacks
Sweet Porridge
Rice Flour Balls with Sweet Fermented-Rice
Pear-Flavored Sugar

The Repairers' Cries
Crying for "Buying"
Brolly Maintenance
Wooded Frame Coir Rope Mattress Maintenance
Sharpening Knives and Polishing Scissors
Chinaware Maintenance

Stalls and Shops in the Lanes
Shoemaker's Stall
Book Stand
Barber Stand
Popped Rice
Tiger Stove

Children's Games in Shikumen
Hide and Seek
Rolling the iron Ring
Playing Diabolo
Knee Wrestling
Spinning the "Wretch"
Slapping Tofu-Like Paper Cards
Police and Pirates
Dropping the Handkerchief
Rubber Band Jumping
Kicking the Shuttlecock
Hawk Catching Chicks
Rope Skipping
Pulling the Carrots
Rock- Scissors - Paper
Where Is My Friend?
Slapping the Paper Cards
The Cigarette Cards
Playing with the Strings
Fling the Little Beanbags

Humanities of Shikumen
The Historical Sites of Shikumen
The Site of the First National Congress of CPC:
Shude Lane
The Former Site of the Central Committee of China
Communist Youth League: Yuyang Lane
Activity Base of a New Culture: Mingde Lane
Home of the Theatre Activists Sisters: Hehefang
Favourite of the Foreign Heads: Bugao Lane
Foundation of the Southern China Society:
Chinese Painting Masters: Yongyu Lane
Romantic Encounter: Shangxianfang

Big Names out of Shikumen
Lu Xun and Jingyun Lane
Mao Dun and Jingyun Lane
Folk Literature of Shikumen
Tecent:Prize-Winning Compositions on Memories of Shikumen
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