Chengo Chinese: Textbook 1

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Author: Liu Songhao;
Page: 137
Publication Date: 12/2008
ISBN: 7040182106
As the product of US-China E-language learning system, the textbook includes 8 episodes written in Chinese, pinyin and English, suitable for 12-18 years old beginners. Each episode includes text, vocabulary, notes, Chinese characters, culture notes and situation discovery. With colored illustrations and photos.
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Sample pages of Chengo Chinese: Textbook 1 (ISBN:7040182106)

Sample pages of Chengo Chinese: Textbook 1 (ISBN:7040182106)
Chinese opera makeup(cleanup in Chinese) refers to the various patterns on the faces cofactors and actresses in operas to indicate different personalities and characters of different roles, as well as to express moral judgment and appraisal of these characters. Unlike masks, all of the various cleanup patterns are directly painted on the actors' faces. Traditional Chinese opera makes wide use of the art of facial makeup and Beijing Opera makeup is the most representative form of this technique. [Additional Notes]
It is common to use black, red, white, yellow, green, and blue makeup to paint the entire face of traditional opera actors. Certain parts of the face such as the eyebrows, eyes, nose, and mouth are highlighted. Different facial makeup patterns hold different meanings, depending on the colors used and the way in which highlighted areas repainted. In Beijing opera, for instance, a red face symbolizes loyalty and bravery; a blackface denotes righteousness and valor; a yellow face indicates cruelty and harshness;
Chengo Chinese: Textbook 1