Effortless Chinese Grammar: An Outline of Chinese Grammar for Foreign Students - Workbook

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Level: Intermediate, Advanced, Chinese Teachers (TCSL)

Effortless Chinese Grammar—An Outline of Chinese Grammar for Foreign Students is grammar book providing reference for international students and teachers of Chinese as a foreign language. This is the workbook for it. Corresponding to the textbook, it is divided into the following chapters, namely classification of words, sentence elements, sentence types, special sentence patterns and compound sentences, each of which consists of abundant exercises, including “Fill in the blanks”, “Choose the right answers”, “True or false”, “Complete the sentences” and “Correct the errors”, etc. Reference answers are provided at the end of the book. As a collection of grammar exercises on TCFL, this book provides important reference for the learning and testing of Chinese grammar for foreign students.

About the Author
Wu Ying, a PhD majoring in Linguistics, is the Associate Professor and the Supervisor of master candidates at the International College of Chinese Studies, Shanghai Normal University. Dr. Wu’s research areas include the theories of Chinese grammar and the studies of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. In recent years, she was in charge of projects, such as the Humanities and Social Sciences Fund Project of the Ministry of Education and the Key Scientific Research Projects of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, etc. Dr. Wu has published more than 20 papers on periodicals, such as Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies, Applied Linguistics and Learning Chinese. She was also the chief editor of many textbooks.
Table of Contents
第一章 现代汉语语法的特点

第二章 词的分类

第一节 名词

第二节 动词

第三节 形容词

第四节 数词

第五节 量词

第六节 代词

第七节 副词

第八节 介词

第九节 助词

第十节 连词

第十一节 叹词

第十二节 拟声词

第十三节 兼类词

第三章 句子成分

第一节 主语、谓语和宾语

第二节 定语和状语

第三节 补语(上):程度补语情态补语结果补语

第四节 补语(下):可能补语数量补语趋向补语

第四章 句类

第一节 陈述句

第二节 疑问句

第三节 祈使句

第四节 感叹句

第五章 特殊句式

第一节 “是”字句和“有”字句

第二节 存现句

第三节 “把”字句

第四节 被动句

第五节 比较句

第六节 连动句

第七节 兼语句

第八节 “是……的”句

第六章 复句


Effortless Chinese Grammar: An Outline of Chinese Grammar for Foreign Students - Workbook