A Glimpse of International Buildings in Shanghai

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This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the cultural elements of Eurapean and American architecture contained in international buildings in Shanghai. This book makes a vivid description of the building styles of the main buildings, cultural background, historical and cultural anecdotes, both with professional knowledge and for the public reading interests. Ordinary readers could effectively find the origin of Shanghai architectural culture by reading this book.
Table of Contents
Bund No.12--once the most luxurious
building from the Suez Canal to the Bering Strait
Bund No.13--A Story about the Customs House and the Bells
Shanghai, the Introduction and Popularity of Art Deco
Bund No.20--the Peace Hotel: representative of Art Deco architecture
Bund No.19--Palace Hotel: a Queen Anne Style Architecture
British Residences in Shanghai
French Residences in Shanghai
Spanish Residences in Shanghai
German Residences in Shanghai
Dutch Residences in Shanghai
U.S.Southern Manor Style Residence in Shanghai, The One and Only
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A Glimpse of International Buildings in Shanghai