Overhead Contact System Fundamentals of Electrified Railway

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Table of Contents
Chapter I Basic Knowledge of Electrified Railway
Section I Brief introduction to electrified railway
Section II Basic knowledge of OCS
Chapter II Insulated Cantilever Assembly
Section I Pillar
Section II Cantilever
Section III Positioning device
Chapter III Connection of Wires
Section I Contact wire
Section II Messenger wire
Chapter IV Fabrication of Dropper
Section I Link dropper
Section II Elastic dropper
Section III Head span straight dropper
Section IV Sliding dropper
Section V Windproof dropper
Section VI Integral dropper
Section VII Calculation of dropper
Chapter V Adjustment of Stagger
Section I Stagger
Section II Check and adjustment of stagger
Chapter VI Overhaul of Tension Length
Section I Check and adjustment of overlap
Section II Overhaul of mid-point anchor
Section III Adjustment of b value of compensation device
Chapter VII Check and Adjustment of Head Span
Section I Head span structure
Section II Head span node
Section III Portal span
Chapter VIII Check and Adjustment of Overhead crossing
Section I Overhead crossing of general speed railway
Section II High-speed overhead crossing
Section III Non-overhead crossing
Chapter IX Maintenance, Check and Adjustment of Insulation Device
Section I Maintenance of insulator
Section II Check and adjustment of insulator
Chapter X Check and Adjustment of Disconnector
Section I Function of disconnector
Section II Basic requirements for disconnector
Section III Types and structure of disconnector
Section IV Installation of disconnector
Section V Operation of disconnector
Section VI Check and adjustment standard of disconnector
Chapter XI Check and Adjustment of Electric Connection
Section I Fabrication of electric connection
Section II Classification of electric connection
Section III Technical requirements for electric connection overhaul
Overhead Contact System Fundamentals of Electrified Railway