China's Ports: Doors to the Oceans

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"Modern China's Ingenuity" is a series of books designed to demonstrate China's achievements in diverse fields, and especially the transformation and success of the undertakings of the Party and the state since the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012. It provides an in-depth look at the work of the Party and the people since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949 and tells the story of the remarkable progress of the CPC, New China, and socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.
This series comprises a general volume and a series of sub-volumes. The general volume, bearing the same title as the series, presents China's achievements since 1949, while the sub-volumes deal with major projects, major industries, and provinces and cities.

About Author
米金升(Mi Jinsheng), is deputy general manager of the Corporate Culture Department, senior reporter, and senior economist at China Communications Construction Company Limited ('CCCC' for short), with an MA and an MBA degree. Mi has done extensive research on corporate culture, brand building and CSR management. His best-known works include The History of Railroad Speculation in Wall Street and The Chrnese Strength: Major Offshore Projects.

李群(Li Qun), is deputy director of the Information Office of the Corporate Culture Department and senior political worker of the CCCC, with a Master's Degree in Law. Li has long been engaged in corporate culture and communication, and brand management, and has conducted research in related fields, with papers published in journals like State-owned Assets Report and Enterprise Civilization.

赵妮娜(Zhao Nina), has presided over the establishment of China's high-speed railway photo library and independently authored the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, a national publishing project in the 11th Five-Year Plan period. Zhao had 30 books published by eight publishing houses such as Foreign Languages Press and SDX Joint Publishing (Sanlian Bookhouse), some of which are best sellers and award winners. The Train in Memory and The Story of China's High-Speed Railway are popular at home and abroad.
Table of Contents
Chapter I Remarkable Changes to a Weak Country's Poorly-developed Ports
1 A tough start
2 Advanang the construction of ports and waterways
3 A breakthrough of 10, 000 tons
4 "Fundamental changes to ports within three years": from 10, 000-ton to 100, 000-ton ports
5 100, 000-ton docks as a staple of major ports
Chapter II World-class Ports Connect China with the World
1 Qingdao Port: try to be one step ahead
2 Tianjin Port: a large artificial deepwater port worldwide
3 Shanghai Yangshan Port: the world's largest container port
4 Ningbo-Zhoushan Port: the world's largest port
5 Dalian Port: northeastern China's door to the oceans
6 Pearl River Estuary: competitions among three top ports
7 Ports in Hebei: rapid development for ten years
8 The world's largest estuary improvement project
Chapter III The World-leading Technical System
1 Docks where ships are moored
2 Dredging ships: underwater road builders
3 Container crane: the arm of world trade
Chapter IV Building Ports in Areas Considered Impossible
1 Natural ports
2 Two-way breakthroughs
3 Approaching areas considered impossible from the most familiar places
4 Use soft soil as the foundation of large terminals
5 Turn fantasy into reality
6 Crack the century-old conundrum in geotechnical engineering
Chapter V Cities and Ports
1 Tianjin and Tianjin Port
2 Shanghai and Shanghai Port
3 Guangzhou and Guangzhou Port
4 Along the coastline
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of China's Ports: Doors to the Oceans (ISBN:9787119129204) Sample pages of China's Ports: Doors to the Oceans (ISBN:9787119129204) Sample pages of China's Ports: Doors to the Oceans (ISBN:9787119129204) Sample pages of China's Ports: Doors to the Oceans (ISBN:9787119129204)
General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, The road of China's development is the socialist road with Chinese characteristics. We are taking this road as it is the choice of history and the people.
Since the founding of the People's Republic of China more than 70 years ago, and especially through the 40-plus years of reform and opening up, Chinese people have made remarkable achievements along this road. China has become the second largest economy in the world. With steadily rising standards of living for its 1.4 billion people, China has created a world miracle in poverty reduction. This has brought about a leap forward whereby the Chinese people have gone from regaining dignity to becoming prosperous and strong.
A look back upon the past is for a better start. The Modern China's Ingenuity series 2ums to comprehensively reflect China's achievements in various fields, especially the historic changes and great achievements of the Party and the state since the 18th CPC National Congress; to profoundly interpret the struggle of the Party and the people since the founding of the People's Republic of China and the inherent logic of China's historic transformation; and to tell the stories of the CPC, stories about New China, and stories about socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.
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