Самые Красивые Места в Китае

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This is a book which could annotate the beauty of China once more;
Could expatiate the width and spectacular of China;
Could overthrown the formula of travel;
Could be popular and well received;
Could be the travelers' handbook;
Could be a treasure gifted to your friends, family, and clients;
This is the book, named as the most beautiful places in China;
She faces to the world, and manifests China.
This album has been published in 11 editions. They are Chinese (Standard character and Simplification character), English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Russian and Arabic.
Table of Contents
This album contains pictures and articles of following categories of scenic spots:
China's Ten Most Beautiful Mountains
China's Five Most Beautiful Lakes
China's Five Most Beautiful Peak Forests
China's Ten Most Beautiful Gorges
China's Five Most Beautiful Deserts
China's Eight Most Beautiful Coastlines
China's Six Most Beautiful Waterfalls
China's Six Most Beautiful Glaciers
China's Ten Most Beautiful Forests
China's Ten Most Beautiful Islands
China's Six Most Beautiful Marshlands
China's Six Most Beautiful Grasslands
China's Five Most Beautiful City Districts
China's Seven Most Beautiful Danxia Landscapes
China's Three Most Beautiful Yadan Landforms
China's Six Most Beautiful Country Towns and Villages
China's Six Most Beautiful Show Caves Plus the Record-holders
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Самые Красивые Места в Китае