A Key to Chinese Speech and Writing II (with audios)

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This volume opens up new vistas for the further advancement of student's knowledge of Chinese, employing the same method as Volume I: a way of learning Chinese taking into account its uniqueness as a written language of characters. In 25 lessons an addition of 500 of the most frequently used characters is introduced in a wider context of about 4,000 words formed with them.
The total 900 characters introduced in the two volumes allow student's to recognize 90% of the Chinese characters met with in everyday reading.
Mastering this volume will enable you to reach a level corresponding to two years of university studies.
The contents of these texts are very diversified, including extracts from literature, Beijing opera themes, Chinese traditional medicine, advertisements, customs and traditions, newsbriefs, ancient tales, letters to the editor, etc....
Table of Contents
Lesson1 画龙点睛
Lesson2 中国文字
Lesson3 中国人的习惯
Lesson4 怕不怕鬼
Lesson5 中国人的名字(一)
Lesson6 中国人的名字(二)
Lesson7 有用和无用之间
Lesson8 比老虎还利害
Lesson9 古诗三首
Lesson10 走马观花
Lesson11 杯弓蛇影
Lesson12 《孔乙已》(鲁讯)
Lesson13 读者来信(一)
Lesson14 读者来信(二)
Lesson15 春节
Lesson16 京剧
Lesson17 怎样写中文信
Lesson18 以听觉为主还是观视觉为主
Lesson19 阴阳
Lesson20 中医
Lesson21 《月牙儿》(老舍)
Lesson22 广告
Lesson23 鲁讯
Lesson24 新闻报道
Lesson25 北京土话
3 Customer Review(s):
by Tall Flute on 2011-05-11 04:10:04
I lived in China for about 2 years and it was often difficult to find books that taught the Chinese Language for a Western Mindset. A friend found these books break down the language into segments where you learn the most common characters and then how the characters you learn form new words. In the last few years there might be better books that have come out that teach language learning for Mandarin but when I left in 2002, there was nothing I found that took this approach. There are companion Cassettes but I am unaware if they are available here.
by Gillian on 2010-09-10 22:59:58
I love this book and its predecessor, book I. This book, which deals with simplified characters, introduces you to plenty of new characters in each chapter, contextualized in a reading passage, which does not use pinyin. This is followed by detailed explanation of the new words, with definitions and phrases containing those words. Then the individual characters are highlighted, with examples of how they combine with other characters to form words. Also, where a complex version of the character exists, a visual comparison is made between the simplified and complex forms. After this there is a "Snowball" section with extra exposure to the characters and characters from previous chapters. There is a nice mini-dictionary at the back of the book.

In book I, 400 characters were introduced. Book II builds upon this, introducing an additional "500 of the most frequently used a wider context of about 4000 words formed with them", as the back of the book states.

I find this
by JWM on 2010-08-14 22:56:27
Works well in a classroom sitation where you have a native speaker teaching/leading the class. The book was originally written in French, then translated to the English.
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A Key to Chinese Speech and Writing II (with audios)