The Most Common Chinese Radicals

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Language: Chinese & English
Format: 1 Book
Page: 147
Publication Date: 01/2001
ISBN: 7800525767, 9787800525766
Publisher: Sinolingua Press
Specially designed with brand-new approaches for foreign students beginning to learn Chinese. 108 most commonly used radicals are introduced in this book, sequenced from the simple to the more complicated according to their number of strokes. Each radical is explained by its name, meaning, function, origin, way to write and the number of strokes, and followed by several compound characters sharing the same radical. The students will be attracted by the culture and art richly embodied in Chinese characters, which, instead of being the "stumbling blocks" as they have often been considered before, will become "magnets" drawing them step by step to the innermost charm of the Chinese language
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The Most Common Chinese Radicals