604 Chinese Characters

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According to the statistics of Chinese National Language Commission.there are altogether most frequently used 604 Chinese
characters, which total 80 percent of the overall Chinese characters
appearing in newspapers,broaocastmg, television,news and Internet
etc.The book covers the 604 Chinese characters, with corresponding
traditional Chinese characters,radicals and orders of strokes marked
besides each character,and this helps readers to grasp a clear
understanding Of Chinese characters. Relevant phrases in the HSK
Guideline or popular daily expressions are listed below each
character,and illustrative sentences are also provided.Therefore, this
book is of great convenience for readers to study basic Chinese
characters and to enlarge the Vocabulary.
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of 604 Chinese Characters (ISBN:9787511702913,7511702910)

Sample pages of 604 Chinese Characters (ISBN:9787511702913,7511702910)
604 Chinese Characters