A Key to Chinese Speech and Writing 1 (with audios)

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A Key to Chinese Speech and Writing II (with audios)
A Key to Chinese Speech and Writing 1 (with audios)
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Author: Joel Bellassen; Zhang Pengpeng;
Language: Chinese-English
Format: Paperback
Page: 276
Publication Date: 06/2009
ISBN: 9787800525070
Publisher: Sinolingua Press
Series: A Key to Chinese Speech and Writing
This introductory course (in 2 volumes) is compiled by Joel Bellassen, an associate professor at the Seventh University of Paris, and Zhang Pengpeng, a senior lecturer at the Beijing Language and Culture University. It not only serves as a textbook but also as a guide which, through a variety of routes (etymology, semantics, linguistics, graphics and culture), can help students think of Chinese. The 400 characters featured in Vol. I will enable students to recognize at least 70% of the characters used in books and newspapers.
Table of Contents
Abbreviations and Symbols
Chinese Writing
Frequency Table
Graphic Elements (Radicals)
Table of 400 Characters
 Sequence 0.0-Lesson 0
 Sequence 0.5-Lesson 0, 5
 Numbers and Dates
 Sequence 1.1-Lesson 1
 Sequence 1.2-Lesson 2
 Sequence 1.25-Lesson 2, 5
 Sequence 1.3-Lesson 3
 "Snowball" Version 1
 Sequence 1.4-Lesson 4
 Dynasty Time Line
 Sequence 1.5-Lesson 5
 Sequence 1.6-Lesson 6
 "Snowball" Version 2
 A Landscape Painting (Poem)
 Sequence 2.1-Lesson 7
 Sequence 2.2-Lesson 8
 Map of China
 Sequence 2.3-Lesson 9
 "Snowball" Version 3
 Sequence 2.4-Lesson 10
 Sequence 2.5-Lesson 11
 Sequence 2.6-Lesson 12
 "Snowball" Version 4
 Zhuangzi and the Butterfly(Story)
 Sequence 3.1-Lesson 13
 Sequence 3.2-Lesson 14
 Sequence 3.3-Lesson 15
 "Snowball" Version 5
 The Animals of the Horoscope
 Sequence 3.4-Lesson 16
 Sequence 3.5-Lesson 17
 Sequence 3.6-Lesson 18
 "Snowball" Version 6
 Old Meat
 Nanniwan (Folk Song)
 Texts in Complex Characters
 Grammar Review
 Table of Tapes
A Key to Chinese Speech and Writing 1 (with audios)