New Path Getting Over Chinese Grammar

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Author: Zhou Xiaogeng;
Language: Chinese, English
Format: Papercover
Page: 176
Publication Date: 01/2009
ISBN: 9787802006133
Publisher: Sinolingua Press
Sample Pages: PDF Download
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 About the Chinese Characters 1
Chapter 2 Creating New Words 9
Chapter 3 Basic Rules for Combining Words 21
Section 1:Where Both Words Refer to Objects 22
Section 2:Where Words Refer to Objects and States 28
Section 3:Where Both Words Refer to States 32
Section 4:Where Both Words Refer to Actions 36
Section 5:Where Words Refer to Objects and Actions 41
Section 6:Where Words Refer to States and Actions 50
Section 7:SummarV 54

Chapter 4 Advanced Skills in Application 63
Section 1:The Construction of Complex Words 63
Section 2:Principles and Practical Skills 71

Chapter 5 Sentence Construction 82
Section 1:mypical structure:Orders and Suggestions 84
Section 2:mypical Structure:Describing the Actions 92
Section 3:Typical Structure:Describing the Subject 99
Section 4:TVpical Structure:Describing Existence 106
Section 5:Special Structures 11 4

Chapter 6 Specifying Tenses 127
Chapter 7 Raising a Question 140
Section 1:Questions Requiring Confirmation 142
Section 2:Questioning Specific Components 148

Chapter 8 Constructing Complex Sentences 156
Chapter 9 Advanced Skills in Making Sentences 169
Sample Pages Preview

Sample pages of New Path Getting Over Chinese Grammar (ISBN:9787802006133)

Sample pages of New Path Getting Over Chinese Grammar (ISBN:9787802006133)
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New Path Getting Over Chinese Grammar