A Food-lover's Journey Around China

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In China there's a saying: People's life mainly relies on the food. That means without food people are diffficult to live. Chinese people in ancient times loved doing research for the cuisine, and till now people have enthusiasm with the food. This book introduces the Origins of Qing Dynasty Imperial Dinners, Special Delicacies Throughout Chinese History, Food and Drink Customs, and Regional Specialities.
Table of Contents
The Origing of Qing Dynasty Imperial Dinners
Kangxi's Autumn Hunts and the Birth of the Manchu-Han Banquer
Qianlong's culture under the Empress Dowager Cixi
Special Delicacies Throughout Chinese History
A Thousand Years of Mutton Cookery
Flower Foods of the Confucius Mansion
Tang Dynasty Cuisine-Luoyang Water Banquer
Song Dynasty Cuisine-the Fan Restaurant
Ming Dynasty Cuisine on Nanjing's Qinhuai River
Qing Dynasty Cuisine-the Manchu-Han Banquer
Red Mansion Dinners
Food and Drink Customs
Food and Drink at Chinese New Year
Beijing Temple Fair Snacks
Wuhan's "Walking Breakfasts" and Night Market
Guangzhou Teahouses
Vegetarian Food in the Manjusri Temple
Eating and Drinking in An Ethnic Dai Village
"Walking Marriages"and Lugu Lake Fish
Cooking Outdoorn on the "Men's River"
Regional Specialities
A Food-lover's Journey Around China