China's Maritime Economy and Maritime Science & Technology

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Table of Contents
Report to the Sea: the Construction and Navigation of the New "China"-The Development Progress of China's Marine Economv 
The Decade of Sail (1949 - 1957) 
The Two Decades of Propelle (1958-1978) 
The Two Decades of "Twin Propellers" (1979 - 2000) 
The Era of "Nuclear Power" (Since 2000) 
Blue Economy: the Main Channel toInternational Arena-The Current Situation and Features of China's Marine Economy 
Gross Ocean Product (GOP):From 1 trillion to 4.5 trillion Yuan 
The Primary Marine Industry Declines While the Secondary and Tertiary Marine Industries Develop 
Industry Structure of China's Marine Industry 
Spatial Layout of China's Marine Industry 
"A Maritime Power": A Nation of a 1.3-billion Population Should Strive to Be-Development Strategy and Plan of China's Marine Economy 
The Twelfth Five-Year Guideline: The General Strategy in the Next Five to Ten Years 
The Marine "Position" of Coastal Areas 
The Special Planning of Marine Economy at National and Provincial Levels 
Install the Marine Economy "Monitor" 
By 2020, A Modern Marine Transportation System Will Be Basically Established 
"A Depth of 7,062 Meters": China's Marine Science and Technology-The Development Process of China's Marine Science and Technology 
"March Forward to Science" Despite Difficulties (1949 - 1957) 
Marine Science and Technology Research in Twists and Turns (1958 - 1978) 
Investigate the China Seas, March forward to Three Oceans and Land on Antarctica (1979 - 2000) 
The Rapidly Constructed System of "Digital Ocean" (after 2000) 
Marine Dynamics: The Chinese Scientists' Interpretation of Ocean 
Decisive Force: The High-speed Engine of China at Sea-High Technology and Industrialization of China's Marine Industry 
Water Energy: A High-Tech Marine Industry 
Driving Force for Growth: Industrialization of High-Tech Marine Industry 
Becoming a Maritime Power: Shoulder the Responsibilities for the World's Future-Oceanographic Survey Based on Recognition, Development and Protection 
2.15 Billion Yuan: Investing into Marine Scientific Research for Public Welfare 
The Comprehensive Investigations on the Sea-beach Resources in China's Coastal Zones 
Comprehensive Investigation on National Island Resources 
Marine Environment Investigations and Comprehensive Assessment in Offshore Areas 
Second Comprehensive Investigation on National Island Resources 
Scientific Expeditions on Polar Regions 
Ocean Scientific Expeditions 
Ocean Investigation Vessels: the Moving Offshore Platform for Ocean Research 
The Story of the Xiang Yang Hong Ocean Scientific Research/Survey Vessels 
Planning and Management of the Ocean:China's "Heart of the Ocean"-Report from the Institute of Decision-making and Consulting of China's Marine Industry 
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In 2012, the Chinese government introduced new policies and measures in the field of seawater utilization. The future development of sea water utilization will be centered on key urgent issues to be solved in the industry such as largescale seawater utilization engineering technology and nationalization of key equipment. China will promote the seawater utilization technology level and market competitiveness in an all-round way in order to elevate degree of contribution of seawater utilization to marine economy through scientific and technological innovation and industrial development in this field. 
Marine Electric Power Industry 
Marine electric power industry originates from the discovery and application of marine recyclable resources. It aims to convert ocean tidal power, wave energy, marine current energy, temperature difference energy,ocean salinity energy, marine biomass energy and offshore wind energy into electric power through energy conversion. Boasting of many merits such as no occupation of arable land, no need for people to migrate, no induction of secondary disasters, the development and utilization of marine renewable resources has already become an emerging strategic marine industry of immense significance. China attaches special importance to the utilization of marine new resources and the development of marine electric power industry. It has formulated detailed rules for implementing policies on electricity price, energy charge and grid-connected power generation. Under the stimulus and promotion of various polices encouraging the development of clean energies.
China's Maritime Economy and Maritime Science & Technology