Toward A Green and Low-carbon Future:China's Energy Strategy

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Author: Zhou Dade; Yue Xiaoling; Li Yiyang; ;
Language: English
Page: 377
Publication Date: 05/2019
ISBN: 9787119119342
Publisher: Foreign Languages Press
Series: Chinese Wisdom and Solutions - Understanding China
Table of Contents

Chapter One Toward a Green and Low-Carbon Future: The Past and Future of China's Energy
Section I China's Rapidly Increasing Energy Consumption and Its Driving Forces
Section II Resource, Environmental and Security Challenges Facing China's Energy Development
Section III China's Energy Revolution and Transition

Chapter Two Energy Conservation First and the Energy Consumption Revolution
Section I China's National Development Strategy of Prioritizing Energy Conservation
Section II National Energy Management System with Chinese Characteristics
Section III Energy Conservation Heroes in China

Chapter Three Toward a Low-Carbon Future: The Swift Rise of Renewable Energy
Section I Current Development of Renewable Energy in China
Section II Rapid Development of Wind Power
Section III Explosive Growth of Photovoltaic Power Generation
Section IV Prospect of Renewable Energy

Chapter Four China's Coal Sector: The World's Largest Fossil Energy Sector
Section I Development of China's Coal Sector
Section II Transformation of China's Coal Production Center (Shanxi)
Section III Shenhua Group - The Benchmark Setter in China's Coal Sector
Section IV Unmanned Underground Mining
Section V Healing Scarred Land: Restoration of Damage from Mine Subsidence

Chapter Five China's Oil and Gas Sector
Section I China's Oil and Gas Sector - a Self-Made Success Story
Section II From a Technology Importer to a World-Advanced Technology Developer
Section III Global Operations of Chinese Oil and Gas Companies

Chapter Six China's Booming Power Sector
Section I Development of China's Power Sector
Section II Accelerated Transition toward a Low-Carbon Future

Chapter Seven China's Energy Sector Reform
Section I Build an Open and Orderly Energy Market System
Section II Energy Price Reform
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Toward A Green and Low-carbon Future:China's Energy Strategy (ISBN:9787119119342)
Sample pages of Toward A Green and Low-carbon Future:China's Energy Strategy (ISBN:9787119119342)
Sample pages of Toward A Green and Low-carbon Future:China's Energy Strategy (ISBN:9787119119342)
Sample pages of Toward A Green and Low-carbon Future:China's Energy Strategy (ISBN:9787119119342)

Energy serves as an indispensable material basis for modern society, and the energy industry is a vital basic industry that must be ptioritized in the process of industrialization in all countries across the world. Today, industrialized countries have put in place their own energy supply system in line with local conditions concerning resources and geo-economics, boasting relatively higher per capita energy consumption. In comparison, the per capita energy consumption is generally lower in developing countries where a modern energy supply system is mostly in absence and the universal energy service not adequate enough. As the technologies for development, production, conversion, supply, and consumption of energy and resources were largely monopolized by developed countries in the past, most developing countries had to rely on imported energy equipment and faced great difficulties in developing independent energy industry and equipment manufacturing industry, which has been largely true even to the present day. How to develop an independent energy industry and meet the demand for energy in industrialization and household use? This is still a fundamental question to be answered by all countries in the world, developing countries in particular.
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Toward A Green and Low-carbon Future:China's Energy Strategy