Learning Chinese Through Translation - A Comparative Approach

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Usage Advice: Thisbook is intended for English-speaking learners of Chinese who have completed elementaryChinese courses with a vocabulary range of around 2,000 words and have beenexposed to the basic structures of the language, including basic types ofsimple and compound sentences.Thereare altogether 12 chapters in the book. It is suggested that a review quiz bearranged for every six chapters.P.S. 14weeks, with 2-3 class hours each week

Level: Pre-Intermediate,Intermediate ,Advanced

College ,Adults

Learning Chinese Through Translation—A Comparative Approach is intended for English-speaking learners of Chinese. With English-Chinese translation as its means, this book compares the differences between English and Chinese and through the comparison reveals some characteristics of the Chinese language. It aims to cultivate the learners' habit to pay attention to linguistic forms and improve their consciousness and ability to resist mother tongue interference. It can be used as a second-year coursebook by Chinese majors or as a self-study material after class.

About the Author
Jia Yu, associate professor in the College of Advanced Chinese Training, Faculty of International Education of Chinese Language at BLCU, has been a CFL teacher for 28 years. Ms. Jia once worked as a visiting professor at Hoseo University (South Korea) and the University of Central Lancashire (UK). Her research focusing on CFL pedagogy, CFL pedagogical grammar, and Chinese-English comparison, Jia has published a number of academic articles on Chinese language teaching and Chinese-English comparison.

Learn translation through the use of authentic materialsDetailed notes on difficult Chinese grammar pointsNumerous sample exercises with answersLearn through self-discovery
Learning Chinese Through Translation - A Comparative Approach