Smart Ports

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Table of Contents
1 General Introduction
1.1 General Introduction to Smart Port
1.2 Smart Port and Revolution of New Technologies
1.3 Development History of Smart Port
1.4 Current Construction of Smart Port
2 Ecology of Smart Port
2.1 Ecological Environment of Smart Port
2.2 Ecological Features of Smart Port
2.2.1 Comprehensive Perception
2.2.2 Intelligent Decision-Making
2.2.3 Autonomous Handling
2.2.4 Whole-Process Participation
2.2.5 Continuous Innovation
3 Smart Port and Cyber-Physical System
3.1 General Introduction to Cyber-Physical System
3.1.1 The Concept of the Intemet of Things (lOT)
3.1.2 Composition and Technical Features of lOT
3.1.3 Current Application Fields of IOT
3.2 Development of Cyber-Physical System
3.3 Applications of Cyber-Physical System in Smart Port
3.3.1 Whole-Course Tracking and Ship-Shore Docking of Dangerous Goods
3.3.2 Identification Analysis of Industrial Internet in International Multimodal Transportation of Containers
3.3.3 Automatic Remote Operation and Control of Quay Cranes
3.3.4 Application of 5G Wireless Communication
Technology in Smart Port
4 Smart Port and Middle-Office System
4.1 General Introduction to Middle Office
4.1.1 Service Mode of Middle Office
4.1.2 Technical Connotation of Middle Office
4.1.3 System and Classification of Middle Office
4.2 Development of Middle Office
4.2.1 Industry Developing Condition of Middle Office Technology
4.2.2 Main Applications of Middle-Office Technology
4.3 Applications of Digital Middle Office in Smart Port
4.3.1 Significance of the Concept of Middle Office to the Integration of Port Resources
4.3.2 Development Foundation of Port Middle-Office System
4.3.3 Construction of Port Middle-Office System
5 Smart Port and Blockchain Technology
5.1 General Introduction to Blockchain
5.1.1 Blockchaln Concept
5.1.2 Blockchain Types
5.1.3 Supporting Technologies of Blockchain
5.1.4 The Block of a Blockchain
5.1.5 Workflow of Blockchain
5.1.6 Features of Blockchain
5.2 Development of Blockchain
5.2.1 Evolution Path of Blockchain
5.2.2 An Overview of Blockchain Development
5.3 Typical Applications of Blockchain
5.3.1 Blockchain + Financial Services
5.3.2 Blockchain + Industry Innovation
5.3.3 Blockchaln + Port and Shipping
6 Smart Port and Artificial Intelligence
6.1 General Introduction of AI
6.1.1 Concept of AI
6.1.2 Fields of AI
6.1.3 Categorization of AI
6.1.4 Methods in AI
6.2 Development of AI
6.3 Applications of AI in Smart Port
6.3.1 Intelligent Container Collection
6.3.2 Intelligent Stowage
6.3.3 Intelligent Ship Control
7 Smart Port and Machine Vision
7.1 General Introduction to Machine Vision
7.1.1 Camera Vision Technology
7.1.2 Light Detection and Ranging Vision Technology
7.1.3 Other Vision Technologies
7.2 Development of Machine Vision
7.2.1 General Introduction to Development of Machine Vision Technology
7.2.2 Machine Vision and Smart Traffic
7.3 Applications of Machine Vision Technology in Smart Port
7.3.1 Early Applications of Machine Vision Technology in Port
7.3.2 Typical Applications of Machine Vision in Smart Port
8 Smart Port and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Technology
8.1 Introduction to Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
8.2 Development of AR/VR Technology
8.3 Applications of VR/AR Technology in Smart Port
8.3.1 Facility Operation and Business Training in Smart Port
8.3.2 3D Visualization Supervision of Smart Ports
8.3.3 Interactive Simulation of Machinery Equipment in Smart Port
8.3.4 AR Technology Serving Smart Port
9 Smart Port and System Simu
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