The Old Town of Lijiang

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This is a series of books about the contents and grace of the World Heritage Sites in China. It is also a splendid chapter that records the remarkable achievements made by China in cooperation with the rest of the world in advocating world peace, seeking long-term benefit for mankind and protecting the common homeland of human beings around the world.

At 19:14 on February 3, 1996, a destructive earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale struck Lijiang County, causing extensive damage and widespread ground rupture. The Old Town of Lijiang suffered a heavy setback on her way to becoming a World Heritage Site. The people of Lijiang responded effectively to the natural disaster and rebuilt their homes soon afterwards. Having endured ups and downs for 800 years, the Old Town of Lijiang now unveils her blushing charms to the whole world.
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The Old Town of Lijiang