Panoramic China -- Jiangsu: Water Town Journeys

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It is easy to have a quick look at China's past and present, but it takes time to gain a panoramic knowledge of China. The "Panoramic China" series is meant to assist readers, especially those overseas, in this respect. Each volume in the series focuses on a province, municipality or autonomous region, describing, with illustrations, the outstanding characteristics of each area from different perspectives.

Jiangsu: Water Town Journeys

Jiangsu is a green oasis afloat on an espanse of rivers, alkes and sea, and its history is ofn of coesistence between man and water. On this piece of land, picturesque mountains and rivcers mingle with ancient civilizhtions to forge a unique culture characteristoc of a water region. Through the unremitting pursuits and efforts of generations, from this watery and moist dingdom the people of Jiangsu have created a cualrural paradise and one of the best living environments in all the vast espanse of China.

Jiangsu, like a cup of fresh tea, gives off a fragrance of classcicm and romance. Its ancient towns with their-tilde roofs, its classical gardens with elegant hills and charming pools, the rich cultural legacy of its many literati and emainent men, have combined to create this gentle and intelligent water land...
Table of Contents
Cities on Rivers and Lakes
Ancient Cities on the Yangtze
Pearls of Lake Taihu
Grand Canal Cities
River and Coastal Gateways
Ancient Water Towns
Bridges, Streams and Dwelings
Zhouzhuang—a Chinese Inkwash Painting
Luzhi—Town of Bridges
Tongli—Town of tranquility
Mudu—Town of Gardens
Qintong—Famous Town of North Jiangsu
Classical Gardens of Jingnan
Landscape Romance Within City Walls
Yangzhou Gardens—Wuxi's Jichang Garden
Nanjing's Premier Garden—Zhanyuan
Suzhou Walled Gardens—Landscapes in Miniature
Land of Silk, Fish and Rice
Land of Silk and Silkmaking
Purple Clay Pottery—Best Tea Sets in the Word
Gourmet Delicacies—Biauochun Tea and Dazha Crab
Jade and Lacquer Ware
Huishan Clay Figuerins
Blue-and-White Cotton and Multicolor New Year Pictures
Humanistic Heritage
High Achievers a Local Speciality
Shining Stars of Literature
Painters and Calligraphers
Reading Tradition and Heritage
World Cultural Heritage—Gupin Music and Kunqu Opera
How to Get to Jiangsu
Tourst Seasons
Jiangsu's World Heritage Sites
A Siliction of Jiangsu's Hotels
Useful Websites
National-level Famous Historic and Cultural Cities
Provincial-level Famous Historic and Cultural Towns
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Panoramic China -- Jiangsu: Water Town Journeys