Panoramic China -- Liaoning: Home of the Manchus & Cradle of Qing Empire

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It is easy to have a quick look at China's past and present, but it takes time to gain a panoramic knowledge of China. The "Panoramic China" series is meant to assist readers, especially those overseas, in this respect. Each volume in the series focuses on a province, municipality or autonomous region, describing, with illustrations, the outstanding characteristics of each area from different perspectives.  

Liaoning: Home of the Manchus & Cradle of Qing Empire

The Liaohe River plays important role in the history of Liaoning Province, which is named after the Liaohe River for its embracing the meaning of eternal peace. In the 16th century the tribes of Nuchen rose there and eventually established the last strong feudal dynasty in China's history-the Great Qing.

This book presents the reader with detailed and accurate texts and pictures of Liaoning's centuries-long civilization as well as its magnificent and glorious history during modern and contemporary times.

Table of Contents
Light of Liaohe Civilization
 Western Liaoning -- Treasure House of Paleontology
 Human Traces by Ancient Liaohe River
 The Hunting Qidan (Khitan)
"Purple Air" from the East
 Qing-dynasty Origins in Eastern Liaoning
 Dongjing City by the Taizi River
 Moving the Capital to Shenyang: Ready to Rule the Nation
 Imperial Palace in Shenyang
 Three Mausoleums of Early Qing Dynasty
 Manchu Customs and Conventions
From 1894-95 Sino-Japanese War to the
 Liaoxi-Shenyang Campaign
 Target of Rival Foreign Powers
 Zhang Zuolin and His Son Zhang Xueliang
 Fall and Liberation of Northeast China
Old Industrial Base on a New Journey
 Cradle of Industry of New China
 New Road to Industrialization
 String of Pearls in the Bohai Sea -- the Port Economy Takes off
 Harmony of Man and Nature
 1. Major Information Websites of Liaoning
 2. Liaoning Flight Information
 3. Selected International Travel Services in Liaoning
 4. Major Tourist Hotels in Liaoning
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Panoramic China -- Liaoning: Home of the Manchus & Cradle of Qing Empire