Panoramic China -- Jilin: Tales of Changbai Mountain

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It is easy to have a quick look at China's past and present, but it takes time to gain a panoramic knowledge of China. The "Panoramic China" series is meant to assist readers, especially those overseas, in this respect. Each volume in the series focuses on a province, municipality or autonomous region, describing, with illustrations, the outstanding characteristics of each area from different perspectives. 

Jilin: Tales of Changbai Mountain

More than 200 years ago, great numbers of creative people, inured to hardship and hard work, came to Jilin Province from areas south of the Shanghaiguan Pass to seek their livelihood in northeast China. They gathered ginseng, logged, rafted and reclaimed wilderness in the vast virgin forest and the Jilin Plains formed by the Songhua River. As the father mountain and mother river that have nurtured generations of Jilin people, Changbai Mountain and the Songhua River have become synonymous with Jilin Province.

This book vividly depicts Changbai Mountain and the Songhua River-the purity, productiveness and lush beauty, along with the people who live there.

Table of Contents
Changbai, Father Mountain of the Jilin People
A Sacred Mountain /6
Mountain Abounding in Resources / 11
Water Flows Out Though No Water Flows In / 18
Monster in Tianchi /24
Changhai Mountain Waterfall /34
Divine Water of Changbai Mountain /39
"Luxurious" Civilian Lifea42
"Beauty Pine" /44
Underground Forest /48
Goddess Bathing Pool /50
Reaching the North Pole in Half a Day /56
Tizi River /66
The Great Gorge of Changbai Mountain /69
One Buddha as Three Mountains, and Three
Mountains Form One Buddha / 72
"Union of Pine and Birch" / 78
"A Stone That Floats in Water, and Wood That
Sinks" /82
A Land of Song and Dance /88
An Ethnic Group in White Clothes /94
Unique Food /96
An Ethnic Group Respecting the Old and
Cherishing the Young /98
Marriage Customs / I00
Eastern Pyramid / 104
No. 1 Stele in the East / 106
ATreasure House of Art in Northeastern Asia / 108
Two Sources Far Apart / 137
A Charming "Heavenly River" / 140
Gentle and Harsh "Unsealing River" / 148
Fishers on Qagan Nur / 152
Offering Sacrifices to the Lake for Fishing / 156
Into the Nature Reserve / 162
Dancing with Red-crowned Cranes / 167
Sacred Elms in "Sea of Incense" / 172
Jilin Rime, the Fourth Natural Wonder in China / 180
Three Types of Lanterns of Jilin / 187
Langmu, a Wood Harder Than Iron and Stone / 192
The "Detroit" of China / 196
"Hollywood" of the East /202
"Imperial Palace" of the Manchukuo Puppet Regime /204
City in the Forest /206
Huanglongfu City /210
Huge Crowds Watching "Two-person Song
and Dance Duet" /214
A Dish Braised in A Big Pot /220
Fiery Hotpot /222
Restorative Mountain Delicacies /223
Concluding Remarks
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Panoramic China -- Jilin: Tales of Changbai Mountain